The Revolutionary War

Revolutionary War Soldiers and Patriots. More records will be added over time, so please check back with us frequently. Persons are listed by last name alphabetically.

William Alexander: Grave and Will

Image: William Alexander’s Grave.

Seth Babb: Biography

Image: Seth Babb Cabin. Restored and Relocated to Fox Park / Greeneville-Greene County History Museum.

Conrad Barnhart: Assorted Records

Johann Adam Bible and Sons: Biographies

Image: Bible Cemetery.

Edmund Boling: Will and Enlistment Records

Sparling Bowman: Biography

Image: Sparling Bowman’s Grave.

Thomas Brotherton: Pension Application and Other Information

William Brotherton: Pension Application

Jacob Bruner: Obituary

Thomas Bryant: Pension Application

Frederick Burket: Pension Application

Daniel Carter: Will

John Carter: Will and Pension Application

William Chandley: Records

Maximillian Conner: Pension Application

The Conway Brothers: Assorted Information

Image: A gathering of Conway Descendants and Friends came to Greene County in April 2010 to celebrate the marking of the Grave of Joseph Conway,

Christopher Cooper: Biography and Pension

Image: Cooper Burial Ground

James Courtney: Pension Application

Matthew Cox: Biography

Image: Kidwell’s Cemetery (Matthew Cox’s Grave-site).

John Crockett: Biography

Image: Crockett Tavern.

Uriel Crosby: Records and Grave

Image: Uriel Crosby’s grave.

Frederick Cutshall

Thomas Davis: Revolutionary War Pension Application

Benjamin Dillard: Revolutionary War Pension Application

Samuel Doak: Biography

Image: Samuel Doak House.

Azariah Doty: Revolutionary War Pension Application

Daniel Dunikin: Revolutionary War Pension Application

Anthony Dunkin: Revolutionary War Pension and Other Information

Joseph Dunlap: Revolutionary War Pension

Charles Dyche: Revolutionary War Pension

Henry Earnest Senior and Reverend Felix Earnest: Assorted Information

Image: Earnest Family Descendents Tour Fort House

Michael Edleman: Revolutionary War Pension and Other Information

John Falls: Assorted Information

Image: John and Sarah Falls Grave Site.

George Fant/Fann: Revolutionary War Pension and Other Information

Andrew Fox: Biography and Will

Nathan Gann: Pension Application

Yost George: Will

Image: Yost George’s Grave

Robert Gragg: Biography and Will

Samuel Gragg: Land Grant

Image: Samuel Gragg’s Grave

Charles Harmon: Biography

John Harmon: Revolutionary War Pension Application


Image: John Harmon’s Grave

Charles Harmon: Biography

David Holt: Biography

Image: David Holt’s Grave.

George House: Biography

Francis Hughes: Biography

John Hull: Pension and Will

James Jack: Pension and Will

Zopher Johnson: Revolutionary War Pension Application

Colonel Daniel Kennedy: Biography and Grave

Image: Colonel Daniel Kennedy’s Grave.

Peter Kent: Revolutionary War Pension Application

Image: Peter Kent’s Grave.

John Kesterson: Pension and Will

Joshua Kidwell: Biography

Image: Kidwell’s Cemetery.

Charles Kilgore: Pension Application

Image: Charles Kilgore’s grave.

Christopher Kirby: Biography

Tidence Lane: Obituary and Grave

Image: Tidence Lane’s Grave

Martin Lintz: Assorted Information

Henry Long: Pension Application and Other Information

James Magill: Pension Application and Other Information

Image: James Magill’s grave.

John Malone Senior and Sons: Family Graveyard

Image: Malone Family Graveyard.

William Milburn: Pension Application and Other Information

Image: William Milburn’s Grave

John Morrison: Pension Application

William Ross: Biography

Image: William Ross’ Grave.

Elliott Rutherford: Biography

Abraham Sevier: Indian Fighter and Revolutionary War Patriot

Image: Abraham Sevier’s Grave.

Colonel John Sevier: First Governor of Tennessee

Image: John Sevier’s Grave.

Captain Robert Sevier: Biography

Image: Robert Sevier’s Grave.

William Sitton: Pension Statements and Rosters

Barbara and Andrew Susong: Biography

Image: Barbara and Andrew Susong Graves.

Henry Tarrant: Pension Application

Major Temple: Biography and Land Grant

Elijah Veach: Biography

Martin Waddle (or Waddell): Biography

Robert Warren: Biography and Will

John Welty: Pension

Image: John Welty’s Grave

Solomon Wilhoit: Last Will and Testament

Image: Solomon Wilhoit’s grave.

Lewis Wills: Pension Information and Biography

Image: Lewis Wills’ burial marker.

Phillip Wolever: Assorted Information

William and Zephaniah Woolsey: Biographies

Image: House built by Zephaniah Woolsey and son, estimated 1796.